MCX Inc. Cable Assemblies Wiring Harnesses Electro Mechanical Assemblies for the OEM, original equipment manufacturer.  Your Connection for Interconnections
Electronic Cable Assemblies -round cables, wiring harnesses, coax cables, flat flex assemblies

Wire Harnesses

Harness Board backwired with Cirrus testerMCX, Inc. manufactures wire harnesses for automotive, aviation, computer, industrial, medical, military and test equipment manufacturers and is well tooled to terminate connectors from companies like, AMP/Tyco, FCI, Hollingsworth, Molex and Panduit.

Fan Assembly

Many of the harnesses incorporate other components such as potentiometers, resistors, diodes, capacitors  ferrites, fans, switches, LEDs and  proximity sensors.

LVDS CableWe also build assemblies and harnesses that are designed to be rugged, to withstand severe conditions and harsh environments.  There are cables designed to withstand temperature extremes, extreme flexing, vacuum environments and repeated insertion extraction cycles.

AC and DC High Voltage and Power CablesWire AWG ranges from 30 and smaller to 00 and Larger with a variety of insulation types including PVC, Polyurethane, Teflon and PE in shielded and unshielded versions.  From the very simple to wire harnesses of extreme complexity MCX is well equipped to support your needs.

Volumes - MCX, Inc. provides quick turn, prototype, preproduction and moderate to large volume requirements.  Whatever your requirements we are ready to meet your needs.

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